Marchioness of Vidal (fair_terentia) wrote in a_good_opinion,
Marchioness of Vidal

...We have not met since we were all dancing together on the 26th N ovember...

Today is Pride and Prejudice Day. It is the 26th November and on this day many years ago Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy first asked Miss Elizabeth Bennet to dance even though he "disliked the amusement in general". Ahhh... *goes into fantasy of dancing with tall, dark, handsome men who only dance with me reluctantly because they're desperately in love with me...* *slaps self*

One of the few dates Jane Austen ever mentions, the 26th November certainly needs some celebration.

In honour of the day, you get:

1 x book, DVD (BBC version of course), making of book, soundtrack
1 x tour of Derbyshire
1 x country dancing lessons
An hour's worth of witty banter with your Mr. Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet of choice
My sincere wishes for your health and happiness
And in honour of the latest "adaptation" of the book (if it can be called that): 1 x room full of sexy, Greek nudes. :P

May all your Mr. Darcys be wearing wet shirts and may your Miss Bennets possess the very finest eyes. May your life be filled with love, trust, witty banter, snarky retorts, compatibility and intelligence. I sure hope mine is. :)

Spread the word of today. Spread the love! :D

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