Releasing The Child Within (brendablenda) wrote in a_good_opinion,
Releasing The Child Within

i went and saw the new P&P yesterday and i must say i was pleasently surprised!!! i went onto the cinema very critical before it even started, especially about the casting of all the roles.

The cinematography was excellent i think and scenery was beautiful and very fitting to the book.

Kiera Knightly played the part very well....alot better than i thought she would and the guy who played Darcy wasn't VERY good but still portrayed the character.

the guy who played Mr Bingley was very very good i thought just because of his face and his constant ackward and friendliness. Judi Dench was very good in Lady Catherine.

Mr Collins was no where as annoying as the 1995 versions but i forgive that because of lack of time to build up that particular characterization. i liked how they made him very added something extra.

my favourite scenes would have to be the part where darcy and lizzie get engaged, the time where they are dancing and it seems like there is no one else in the room and of course when elizabeth meets darcy in pemberly.

Overall i think this adaption was done very well and did justice to the book in the short time it had. 1995 version is still my favourite by far but i think this wasnt a disappointment!!!

any other opinions?

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