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Hi, all. I am new to this community but certainly not new to Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice. I've been a huge fan for quite some time but just recently joined livejournal. I'm excited to discuss Pride and Prejudice with other fans!

Let's hope my knowledge of P&P pulled through on this quiz:

01. Identify the speaker of the following quote. "...will you tell us about the latest fashions for long sleeves." Mrs. Bennet
02. Who does Wickham first become engaged to? Mary King (but he did elope w/ Georgiana Darcy)
03. What does Lydia ask Mary to play at the Phillips' party? a jig so they could dance
04. How many times do Lizzy and Mirah Lucas dine at Rosings while at hunsford? 9 times
05. Identify the speaker of the following quote. "...Well I've heard much of you, and none of the praise has been exagerated I assure you." Col. Fitzwilliam
06. Why does Jane become ill upon her arrival at Netherfield? Because her mom wouldn't let her take the carriage. Poor girl had to ride on horseback in the rain.
07. Name all of the Bennet sisters from oldest to youngest. Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, Lydia
08. When Darcy is searching for Wickham and Lydia in London, who does he go to, to find they're where abouts? Mrs. Younge
09. Identify the speaker of the following quote. "Daughters are never of much consequence to their fathers" Lady Catherine de Bourgh
10. Who invites Lydia as her "particular friend" to go to Brighton for the summer? Mrs. Forster
11. Identify the speaker of the following quote. "Yes, go, go I would not want you back again." Elizabeth
12. True or False: Lizzy insists they must visit Pemberly while with her aunt and uncle. False
13. Identify the speaker of the following quote. " For all this I might have been mistress." Elizabeth
14. Who's good opinion is rarely bestowed and therefore more worth the earning? Elizabeth's
15. Identify the speaker of the following quote. "Dearest, loveliest Elizabeth." Mr. Darcy
*Bonus Question*
16. Who gets married? Charlotte/Collins, Lydia/Wickham, Jane/Bingley, Elizabeth/Darcy
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